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Matrices, Tensors and Random Geometries
Viernes 29 Noviembre 2019, 04:00pm - 05:00pm
Accesos : 170
Contacto Carlos Segovia
Seminario de Matemáticas
Expositor: Carlos Ignacio Perez Sanchez 
Procedencia: Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Warsaw
Resumen: In this basic talk, two relatively modern and independent random geometry frameworks will be introduced. The first, tensor models, was motivated by simplicial gravity and has witnessed some regain of  interest after the 1/N-expansion was found by Gurau. The second framework is  fuzzy geometries (defined by J. Barrett as certain matrix spectral triples in Connes' noncommutative geometry). We give a bi-tracial matrix models description (as part of work in progress) of the spectral action for fuzzy geometries. Both frameworks face common challenges to be  discussed.
Localización Aula de seminarios, IM-UNAM unidad Oaxaca
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