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Double categories, multivariable mates, and Chu constructions
Miércoles 10 Marzo 2021, 01:00pm
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Contacto Carlos Segovia

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Expositor: Michael Shulman, University of San Diego.

Resumen: It is an old observation of Kelly and Street that the "calculus of mates" for adjunctions is naturally expressed using a double category of functors and adjunctions. This was generalized by Cheng, Gurski, and Riehl to mates for multivariable adjunctions, such as the tensor-hom adjunction of a closed monoidal category or the tensor-hom-cotensor adjunction of an enriched category, using a cyclic multi double category. I will explain how the latter is more naturally viewed as a poly double category (that is, an internal category in polycategories), and how it arises as a special case of a "double Chu construction".

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