The conference will take place in the Auditorium "Alfonso Nápoles Gándara" of the Instituto de Matemáticas at its location in Ciudad Universitaria of the UNAM. Don't expect average taxi drivers to find the place based on the address or that they can interpret the map.


How to find the conference venue


On thursday morningDaniel Labardini-Fragoso will wait for you at 8:00 A.M. at the hotel entrance to bring you to Instituto de Matematicas.

In case you want (or need) to find the way on you own, please read the following instructions:

The hotel is located on the Avenue "Francisco I. Madero". When you walk out of the hotel, look around and locate a tall building with
the words "SEGUROS LATINOAMERICANA" on it. Walk towards it on "Francisco I. Madero", then pass it by (it will be on your left), and
keep going without changing direction. Then you will cross a wide Avenue called "EJE CENTRAL LAZARO CARDENAS" and a palace named
"PALACIO DE BELLAS ARTES" will appear on your right. Keep walking with the same direction you already had, so you will pass the palace
on your right, and a big park called "ALAMEDA CENTRAL" will be on your right. Keep walking, again without changing direction; you will
leave the park on your right and pass by HOTEL HILTON on your left. Keep going for a few meters until you hit the Street "BALDERAS" and
turn right on this Street. After a short walk on "BALDERAS" you will start seeing the signs of the Subway Station "HIDALGO", which are in
green and blue. Enter the Station and take the green line to  its final stop "UNIVERSIDAD".  Find here a map for the walk from the hotel to the Subway Station HIDALGO.

The campus is located located west  of the subway station. You will recognize two abstract sculptures (representing Don Quijote and Sancho Panza). Walk toward these sculptures, through the gate and take the pedestrian (and bicycle) bridge. Follow the path until you get to a building on your right with a library in it (you can see the books through the windows). This is the Instituto de Matemáticas (marked in red in the map). The front door is located on the right of the library. 

click on the map brings up a google map for the Instituto de Matemticas



It takes approximately 70 minutes to get from the hotel to the Instituto de Matematicas.




Instituto de Matemáticas,
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Área de la Investigación Científica,
Circuito Exterior
Ciudad Universitaria.
Coyoacán 04510
México, D. F. MEXICO
Tel. (+52) (55) 56224520-22
Fax. (+52) (55) 56160348

Photo of the Auditorium

Auditorium Instituto de MatematicasUseful information

As you can see, the auditorium has 6 blackboards as well as projection facilities


Weather & clothing

The forcast for the days of our meeting looks quite nice. However, nights can be a bit chilly since most places don't have  heating.

You should bring a warm jacket to the auditorium - expect only 16C inside the auditorium.

If you plan to do some sight seeing bring a hat and suncream.



For all participants who stay at Hotel Ritz Tulip Inn, paid by the organizers, breakfast is included.


On Thursday and Friday we will have Lunch with a set menu at a nearby Cafetria. To speed up things we will sell Lunch tickets at 50 Pesos each in the coffee break.  


On Saturday, Lunch will be served on the Terrace of Instituto de Matematicas. Sponsored by



There will be always a vegetarian option.


 On Friday evening  there will be at 20h conference dinner at Cafe de Tacuba, 

a traditional restaurant in walking distance from the Hotel. Expect to pay about 300 Pesos (20 US$).



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