Before you go through immigration and customs at the Airport you have to fill out an

immigration and a customs form. Have for that the adress of the hotel at hand. You can

savely claim that the purpose of your trip is tourism. Hold on the part of the immigration

form you are left with until you depart. Otherwise you will have to pay a fine and your

departure may be delayed.


In the arrival area of the Mexico City Airport there are several places where you can

change money at reasonable rates. Most of these places are open from 06:00h - 22:00h.

There are also ATMs which should work with foreign cards. ATMs in Downtown

are less likely to work with foreign cards. 


To get from the International Airport of Mexico City to the conference Hotel Tulip Inn Ritz,

in the "Centro Historico" it is most convenient to take a Taxi. For the Airport Taxis you have

to buy at one of the booths a ticket for your destination. The people at the booth and the

Taxi drivers will know the distance resp. the way if you show them the adress of the hotel:


 Hotel Tulip Inn,

 Av. Francisco I. Madero No. 30, Cuauhtémoc, Centro Histórico,

06000 Ciudad de México, D.F


I recomend the "Sitio 300"  or "Nueva Imagen" Taxis. The trip to the hotel should

cost aproximately 210 Pesos (14 US$). These booths take also US$, though at a poor rate.


At the hotel page you can find also a google map with the location of the hotel.







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