I would like to participate in a workshop. Can I register somewhere?

Workshop participation is by invitation only. Individual workshop organizers are responsible for drafting lists of potential invitees, not CMO or BIRS directly; however, if you are interested in participating in a particular workshop you can email a BIRS administrator, who will forward your statement of interest to one of the organizers involved. If you are a student we recommend sending a letter of recommendation from your supervisor along with your initial email.

Could BIRS send me my invitations and information packages by regular post?

BIRS is unfortunately unable to do this, for a number of reasons, particularly due to the sheer volume of information that we require from all participants, compatibility with our online database, and the occasional need for very prompt replies. If a participant is unable to be reached by email on a regular basis, he/she should contact his/her workshop contact organizer to make alternate arrangements.

What is the purpose of the testimonials that participants and organizers are asked to volunteer to write after workshops?

The benefits of testimonials are three-fold.

For participants, they provide an opportunity to think back on the past few days and to recall and organize one’s thoughts on what was learned throughout their time at CMO.
For the workshop community at large, they enable people to see what stood out to their colleagues in each workshop; their colleagues may perhaps emphasize important aspects of the week they hadn’t before considered to be of note.
For BIRS and CMO, feedback helps us to see our strengths and our weaknesses. Positive testimonials also enable us to show our sponsors that the funds they have granted us are being put to good use. Testimonials are invaluable to us in the funding renewal process and participants’ taking the time to write one is thus very much appreciated!

How do I write a testimonial?

You may be contacted directly by email by our Scientific Director, requesting you to give us your input. If so, a link should be included in the email and you need only follow the steps as they appear.











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