Where will I be staying?

Participants of CMO workshops will stay at Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles in Oaxaca. You will receive notice in your registration package (approximately four weeks in advance).

For how long can I stay at the facility?

Participants in 5-day workshops can check into their hotel on Sunday and typically remain until the Friday of the same week.

If you plan to arrive before Sunday or intend to remain in Oaxaca or Mexico beyond Friday, please note that you will be expected to book your own accommodation. Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles will offer a special rate for CMO-BIRS participants; however, due to other workshops, there may not be availability. Other accommodation may be found using Trip Advisor.

May I bring a guest?

Yes. However, please note that if you bring guests, they will have to pay for their own meals. As well, there will be an additional room charge per night for guests: Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles - 700 Mexican pesos per night (including taxes). No meals included.

Do I need to stay in CMO's accommodation?

Accommodation at the Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles is automatically granted to all workshop participants. If, however, you do not feel that such accommodation is right for you, a number of alternatives are available. CMO recommends using Trip Advisor to find alternatives.

What sorts of amenities are available in my room?

Each room has air conditioning/heating, towels, cotton bathrobes, hairdryer, soaps and shampoos, classic-style furnishings, 25 inch color television, wireless Internet in all areas and office center.

Is there a way for me to get my laundry done at the hotel?

Yes. Laundry services are available to all hotel guests.

If I have mobility issues, will I be able to navigate the CMO and hotel accommodation?

Please include your request in your registration, at least two weeks in advance, and confirm via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Is there a telephone line through which I can be reached during my stay with CMO?

Yes, there will be a telephone in each room. Once you have received your hotel assignment, you may have your calls directed either to Hotel Hacienda Los Laureles: +52 951 501-5300